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Had a flight delay with Thomas Cook Airlines?

  • Flight within the last 6 years?
  • Delayed over 3 hours?
  • Depart from OR arrive into an EU airport?

Claim up to €600/£540 compensation per passenger!

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Recent delayed flights with Thomas Cook Airlines

Flight Number: Date: Start Airport: Destination:
MT509 02/12/2018 Dalaman (DLM) London Gatwick (LGW)
MT1033 29/11/2018 Banjul (BJL) London Gatwick (LGW)
TCX1033 29/11/2018 Banjul (BJL) London Gatwick (LGW)
MT2817 27/11/2018 Holguin (HOG) London Gatwick (LGW)
MT2605 29/10/2018 Orlando Int. (MCO) Manchester Int. (MAN)
MT704 01/10/2018 Manchester Int. (MAN) Antalya (AYT)

About Thomas Cook Airlines

Year Founded: EU Based? IATA: ICAO:
2003 MT TCX
Flight Number: Date: Flight Distance: Start Airport: Destination:
TCX6219 17/05/2013 1743km Menorca Airport (MAH) Newcastle Int. (NCL)

Mrs Smith and friends were delayed for 17 hours with Thomas Cook Airlines and received €2400 compensation!

After spending a holiday in Menorca with 5 friends we returned to the airport to travel home, but after checking in our bags in and after going through security we were disappointed to see on the information screen that the flight was delayed for 4 hours.

We went and found a Thomas Cook rep and were told that that our plane which was meant to be travelling from Scotland to pick us up but had to be diverted to Bristol.

After waiting around in the airport for almost 4 hours we went back and spoke with the rep again. We were told this time that it had now the we would be delayed a further 4 hours as plane had been diverted again to Ireland and then had to go back to Scotland because the pilot had now exceeded his hours!

This was quite distressing to hear as I am disabled and waiting around for 4 hours had already been quite hard on me physically, and the idea of having to wait for a further 4 hours was not something I relished.

We were given €10 in food/drink vouchers which wouldn’t have bought much for an 8 hour wait at airport prices but to be fair to Thomas Cook staff they did actually gave us more than this.

I had previously tried to claim compensation for this delay with another company but the claim never seemed to go anywhere. After seeing Air Delay’s advert online, I figured I had nothing to lose so just filled out the form online which only took a few minutes.

One of their advisors then contacted me shortly afterwards to confirm details of the delay if I was travelling alone as I hadn’t initially given my friends names when I signed up initially. I was delighted to hear only a couple of weeks after signing up that the claim had been successful and they would be sending all six of us a cheque!

I found dealing with Air Delay very easy and am especially pleased with the experience considering the other company I tried did not produce any results. I would have no issues recommending Air Delay to my friends and family.

I am a member of the refugee aid network and myself and another passenger have actually donated our whole compensation payment to the charity, with the money going to pay for emergency supplies in Syria.