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  • Delayed over 3 hours?
  • Depart from OR arrive into an EU airport?

Claim up to €600/£540 compensation per passenger!

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Recent delayed flights with Ryanair

Flight Number: Date: Start Airport: Destination:
FR1517 09/06/2019 Hamburg (HAM) London Stansted (STN)
FR1069 20/05/2019 Venice, Treviso Airport (TSF) Edinburgh Int. (EDI)
FR9254 04/05/2019 Ibiza Airport (IBZ) London Stansted (STN)
FR2272 29/04/2019 Dublin (DUB) London Stansted (STN)
FR6015 27/04/2019 Sofia (SOF) Dublin (DUB)
FR6761 13/04/2019 Seville Airport (SVQ) Edinburgh Int. (EDI)

About Ryanair

Year Founded: EU Based? IATA: ICAO:
1985 FR RYR
Flight Number: Date: Flight Distance: Start Airport: Destination:
FR654 04/06/2015 3199km Tenerife South (TFS) Glasgow-Prestwick (PIK)

Mrs Halliday was delayed for 5 hours with Ryanair and received €1600 compensation!

I was heading home from Tenerife South to Glasgow Prestwick, after a holiday with my husband, my daughter and her boyfriend.

We got to the airport, checked in, went through security, waited in the departure lounge, our flight was announced we queued up and made it down the gangway as far as the airplanes door where we were told to wait. We were all stood in the tunnel waiting to get on the plane when the pilot and cabin crew got off, of course all the passengers were wondering what was going on.

Maybe fifteen or so minutes later we were told we would not be boarding this plane and that we had to make our way back to the departure lounge and that there would be a 1-hour delay to our flight. That delay soon became a 2-hour delay. After a couple of hours, we were told to go to a different departure gate, when we got there we were told to go to yet another departure gate!

No-one seemed to know what we should be doing or how long we were actually going to be delayed. After some time, we were given a €5 voucher as the delay would be longer than 4 hours.

In the end we were delayed for 5 hours, we should have landed back in Glasgow late afternoon, it ended up being nearly midnight when we landed. Luckily my car was parked at the airport, and luckily no-one had to be at work the following day, we were all exhausted!

I found Air Delay through a Google search, the website looked very easy to use. I filled out the online form for myself and my fellow passengers. We each received £260 compensation a few months later, this will be put towards another family holiday!

I would definitely recommend Air Delay to anyone – you just key in the travel details and can then forget about it until you receive your compensation!